Zhao Liying


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Press release

Adored by the audience for her pretty look and admirable professional acting skills, Zhao Liying has already an impressive list of successes despite her young age. Discovered in 2006, she made her acting debut in the 2006 historical series “Nanyue King,” and went on to star in such popular series as “New My Fair Princess” (2011), “Legend of Lu Zhen” (2013), “Boss & Me” (2014), “The Legend of Chusen 2” (2016-2017) and “Princess Agents” (2017). Titled as the “Queen of TV Viewing”, the highly-talented Chinese actress has also recently broken into the big screen. Her presence on an increasing number of cover magazines has lent her the status of a fashion icon. But it’s the elegance of her heart above all that made Longines fall for her. 

Highly decorated, Zhao Liying was crowned the “Golden Eagle Goddess” during the China TV Golden Eagle Awards in 2014 and “TV Play Queen” during the China TV Golden Eagle Awards in 2014, “Best Actress” of the 6th Macao International TV Festival, “Annual Outstanding Performer” of China TV Play Quality Ceremony of Dongfang TV, and she was nominated for the best actress of 22th Shanghai International television festival. Zhao’s recent successes include Duckweed in 2017, where she played alongside Longines Ambassador of Elegance Eddie Peng and the drama Eternal Wave, where she was joined by Longines Ambassador of Elegance Aaron Kwok.