Chi Ling Lin


Press release
Over the last few years, her perfect face has become one of the best known in Asia. As a successful top model, she has been featured on the covers of some of the leading international publications. But for Chi Ling, internal beauty counts as much as physical qualities: for her it is important to be constantly learning and evolving. With a degree from the University of Toronto, the young Venus from Taiwan is passionate about art and in particular sculpture. Chi Ling also devotes her time to various causes that are close to her heart, including the World Vision AIDS Orphan Project. Longines could not help coming under her spell and the young model became a Longines ambassador of elegance in 2005.
A regular on the cat-walk, Chi Ling soon became a favourite in the world of show business. Today, apart from modelling, she is a successful television presenter. In addition she has become a star presenter of ceremonies such as the Golden Horse Awards, the Golden Melody Award and many others. As soon as she appears on the screen the number of viewers soars! Chi Ling will soon be crossing the final barrier between her and the world of cinema: she was asked to take a role in the legendary John Woo’s film The Battle of Red Cliff and is now making her début on the silver screen opposite Tony Leung, one of Asia’s most renowned actors. Chi Ling has now definitely made it!